Pebble Brook Primary School recognised for active travel

14 Oct 2020 10:51
Published by: Scott Callan

Cheshire East Council has praised children, teachers and parents at Pebble Brook Primary School in Crewe for achieving an award for their work in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel.

The school received the Modeshift STARS bronze award virtually and was celebrated during national Walk to School week (5 October to 9 October).

The Modeshift STARS scheme was launched nationwide back in 2012 to reward schools over three levels of bronze, silver and gold for achieving a shift from cars to more sustainable modes of travel. The scheme encourages schools right across the country to join in a major effort to increase levels of sustainable and active travel and improve the health and well-being of children and young people.

Pebble Brook Primary achieved the bronze level award for their travel plan which included curriculum teaching around road safety, junior road safety officers, bikeability cycling training and the installation of a cycle shelter on site.

Travel to schools within Cheshire East is an essential aspect of daily life and Cheshire East Council is working with them to promote more physical activity, improve the environment and create safer communities. The council supports schools in the creation of their travel plans asking them to provide examples of transport issues their school faces as part of the journey to school. The council's highways team can then assess and implement solutions such as new zebra crossings, traffic calming measures and wider pavements.

Councillor Kathryn Flavell, Cheshire East Council cabinet member for children and families said: "Many congratulations to everyone at Pebble Brook Primary School who have worked hard to achieve this award. With pupils across Cheshire East now back at school, cycling and walking are a great way to encourage children and young people to get active for their mental wellbeing and physical health.

"We currently have a rolling programme of support to schools with the development of their school travel plans. We have funded the Modeshift STARS online system to help them implement sustainable and active travel activities.

"We welcome ideas from schools, parents and pupils across Cheshire East to help us to keep the school gates clear and thank them for encouraging walking and cycling to school, reducing the number of vehicles on the roads."

Sharon Shaw, pastoral support teacher at Pebble Brook Primary School said: "We are extremely proud of our pupils choosing the healthy way to get to school by walking, scooting and cycling no matter what the weather. We are really excited to have achieved this bronze award and already are looking towards silver."
Councillor Suzie Akers Smith, Cheshire East Council cycling and walking champion said: "I'd like to thank Pebble Brook Primary School and schools across Cheshire East for all they do in encouraging active travel to and from the school gates. I hope that their success with inspire other schools, parents and children to transform the school run and get active."

"Fitting walking or cycling into our daily routine is the easiest way to increase our own physical and mental wellbeing. One mile is a 20-minute walk or a six-minute cycle ride, which done every day will make us fitter and will provide a better quality of life and create habits that will look after us, the whole of our lives.

"We're working hard to implement a truly cycle-friendly network of routes to connect people and places across the borough, creating a safer environment in our towns that will hopefully encourage more people out of their cars and to be more active."


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