Cheshire's 'Rhymeologist' launches new book

29 Nov 2022 01:00
Published by: Scott Callan

A Cheshire dad who turned to poetry after being diagnosed with ADHD has collated all his favourite rhymes into a new book celebrating his love for Crewe and Nantwich.

Gareth Williams, dubbed 'The Rhymeologist', became a media sensation when he first posted his upbeat poems about the area on Facebook during the early part of the pandemic.

Now what started as a pastime during the heath crisis has become a creative marketing tool for towns and businesses and a way of dealing with the neurodevelopment condition attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

His poems have featured on the BBC and as part of local, regional and national campaigns for councils. They have been used by charities including the ADHD Foundation and in public art installations.

Gareth, 41, said: "Performing my poetry was a bit nerve-wracking at first but I have had tremendous, heart-warming support from people all around the world who feel nostalgic about the area and this is something that has really spurred me on.

"At the start of the pandemic, when the world was closing, mine was opening. I was on a journey after diagnosis of ADHD. It is a widely misunderstood neurodevelopmental condition that falls under an umbrella term describing differences in the way we understand information from the world around us.

"In many respects I now see it as a gift. ADHD can make you a creative thinker, a good problem solver and more empathetic. Indeed it's become my superpower."

Gareth, owner of a commercial property maintenance company based in Crewe, touched hearts with his ode to the town's regeneration. The two minute 38 second passage: A Town of pride, A Town of Joy was performed on video while walking through the town centre.

He now has a Facebook page where he performs all his uplifting story-led works and his new book Stories of Crewe & Nantwich is gracing the shelves of local outlets including Nantwich Bookshop and Waterstones in Crewe.

He added: "Rhymeology is a what I call rhyming 'street' poetry and the pleasure of playing with words to create these story-led poems is my life's flow. Crewe and Nantwich and local people inspired the book. It's where I grew up and created my own business so I hope my work stirs up old memories and reconnects people with special times."

Stories of Nantwich will have its official launch at Nantwich Bookshop on December 8. For tickets call the shop on 01270 611665.

To hear Gareth's works go to

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