Nantwich Museum launches booklet outlining the town's history

30 Nov 2022 12:00
Published by: Scott Callan

Nantwich Museum has launched a new booklet which introduces readers to the town's rich history. "The Story of Nantwich with 36 Objects" was written by a team from the museum's Research Group, different members contributing chapters or material ranging from the geology of the area to the 20th century. The town developed from its local supply of brine and a river crossing. From Roman times until the mid-19th century salt was manufactured in the town but, as the booklet demonstrates, there is much more to tell. For many years the town was second only to Chester; it was an industrial centre, based not only upon its brine, but also on the local agriculture, especially dairy farming and the associated tanning industries. Shoe and glove making became important and ultimately a major clothing industry. Its location on the route from London to Chester brought many travellers to the town.

There were also disasters including a fire which wiped out the centre of the town, more than one civil war battle and the regular visitation of epidemics.

Among notable residents were the Malbanks, Robert Burnell, the Wilbrahams, John Gerard, Sir William Brereton, Joseph Priestley, Rev Andrew Fuller Chater, and local artists Herbert St John Jones and J. Haydn Jones.

Readers can learn about a Roman votive offering and other treasures, one dating from the Bronze Age. Also, the castle and its significance dictating the town's layout, establishment of the church, the coming of the canal and railway and the significant changes of the last 100 years.

Each section is accompanied by a "context box" placing each era in a wider context in world history.

The booklet will be of particular interest to those unable to purchase tickets for the sold-out talk on 'The Story of Nantwich with 36 Objects' at Nantwich Museum.

The 70-page A4 booklet is available from the museum shop, cost £7.50, or can be purchased online from the museum website:

For further information contact: Nantwich Museum on or telephone 01270 627104; Website:

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